transmission overfill??


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Unhappy transmission overfill??

I have a 99 Chrysler Concorde. It recently went low of trans fluid. I found out that the dipstick was not closed correctly. I warmed and filled, checked, repeated until it reached the area between the hot and warm dots. When the engine is COLD, not started, is the level supposed to be higher? I know that overfilling can cause damage. My husband is deployed and I'm trying to do this myself. Please advise.
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Yes, it will usually be higher when not running.. Also, you may want to check the dipstick itself, or owner's manual..Many Chrysler cars require it to be in neutral when checking the transmission fluid.."Normal operating temperature, on level ground, car in neutral"...
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overfilling an automatic transmission could be bad, but i would recommend that you check the level according to the manufacturers' directions. depending on the transmission, it may require you to check with the car on, or off, or in nuetral, etc.

thought in general, when the car is dead cold, and on a perfectly level ground, if the level is between the upper and lower dot, you should be safe.

best bet ifyou can't find the manual, is call up the dealer, and double check. good luck.
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I would not be too worried about overfilling the transmission . The transmission has a vent that will allow the excess fluid to blow out. As the fluid in the transmission reaches operating temperature it will expand this is why they tell you to check it when it is at operating temperature. I would make sure though that the correct fluid was installed it should take ATF+3 or the Chrysler designation would be 7176. it is possible for the car to set a code if the wrong fluid is used but again I would not be too worried as some fluid is better than no fluid.
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By the way, I bet your husband would be proud! Tell him I said thank you for his service!

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