Geo Metro battery going dead


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Geo Metro battery going dead

Vehicle: 1993 Geo Metro LSI, 3 cyl, 5 speed, no electrical options ( not even a radio) or air conditioning. This is my father's car.
Problem: Car runs great, about 5-6 weeks ago he started it up and drove it to a friends house to visit. When he went to leave, the battery was completely dead, (and up until then there was no indication of anything being wrong). He bought a new battery and installed it. About 2-3 weeks later he goes to the store and when he comes out the battery is again completely dead. I jump started it and it fired right up, but when we tried to drive it with the headlights on it would run terrible and die out, so we towed it home. I assumed that he had a bad alternator, and so I put a new one on. Things went good for another couple of weeks. Then the same thing happened, he went to the store and when he came out the battery was dead. So, I had the alternator tested and the shop says it is working properly. If he puts a fresh charged battery in it he can run it for about two weeks or so, driving only during daylight. The alternator light on the dash goes out as soon as it is started, headlights are bright, and everything seems to work fine. It has a new bettery and alternator. I'm stumped with this. I checked the wiring out pretty good and there is no melted wires anywhere. What can be draining the bettery like this? What do I look for now? Can a bad fuel pump relay make it do this? Bad computer maybe? Starter? I know electric problems are the worst, but if someone could point me in the right direction I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance for any help!
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How are the cables?Make sure cables are good clean on both sides remove all cable connections and wire brush them.Also have seen cables break down and corrode inside the outer plastic cover.(will be a green color)
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Also check for proper tension on the belt.
There might be be a blown fuse or fuse link going the voltage regulator.
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We cleaned and wire brushed the terminals on the battery and the cable clamps. If the battery cables were corroded, would that not stop the car from starting? I will have to check that out this weekend. I looked for blown fuses, there were none; and I can't find a fusible link anywhere. I replaced all of the relays with known good ones to see if one of those could be bad. I'm not quite sure what a relay does, but a friend who's father is a mechanic said that a bad relay could possibly be the culprit. It may not have been the right thing to do, but when you don't have the proper knowledge, you are at the mercy of others. I told him in the meantime to keep driving it and keep a spare battery with him in case it won't start again, then he can change the battery and get the car home again. Thanks for reading and responding.

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