Wet Spot on Carpet inside care ????? Odd


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Wet Spot on Carpet inside care ????? Odd

I have a wet spot on my carpet inside the car. It is in front of the drivers seat under the wheel, it is not a leak from the window, its not rained for over 2 weeks. This spot seems to be getting bigger in time.
Could it be an air condition leak from underneath. Vapors from something?
I looked everywere and found nothing. Any suggestions?
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It could be you air conditioning or your heater core
Maybe something else
You'll want to post Year/Make/Model of your vehicle as it can make a difference in diagnosis
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If the car is a manual shift transmission it is possible it could be the clutch master cylinder leaking in that area. What type of car is this.
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Sorry. I should have gave more info.

1998 Pontiac Trans Sport Automatic

The wet spot in bewtween the seat and console under the steering wheel.
Not wet close to the petals or firewall.

In an open spot just in front of the foot pad under the steering wheel.

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Could be that the AC condenser drain tube is plugged. Happened on my Accord when I had a wet passenger side floor.

Next time you drive the car with the AC on, take a look under the car after it has been parked for 15 minutes or so. You should see a puddle as water should drain out if the drain is working OK. You can either try to unplug it carefully with a coat hanger or something. Be gentle. Also, you can use an air compressor to blow it out.

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