water in my gas tank


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water in my gas tank

will water in my gas tank do anything to my car?
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yes itwill make ur gas freeze at a higher temp
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Depending on the amount of water in the gas, it can casue a LOT of problems..Cause rust in the fuel rail, clog injector inlet screens (rust again) cause misfires, which could lead to convertor failure, and more....
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water in gas tank

I had a mechanic tell me several years ago to pour a bottle of regular rubbing alcohol into the gas tank and it would take care of the water. I have used this trick on several occasions without any ill effects as far as I know. Someone may post reasons not to do this but it has worked for me and is a lot less than the price of a tank of gas.
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Why would you have that much water in the tank to require such drastic measures?
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usually it gets in the tank by filling your car up with gas unfortuanately it may not just be gas your pumping into your gas tank if your lucky its not enough to cause running problems but could cause a no start as water and gas doesnt mix and will form a water layer at the bottom of the tank with gas floating on top.
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