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Question help!!!!

got a ford fiestia with a hydraulic clutch, it wont go in gear when engine running!!! can someone tell me what prob my be pls
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things to check

Check fluid level if low by alot you have a leak.leak might be master cyl or slave cyl.Check carpet were cyl goes into car for fluid rub hand around the area and smell since you will not be able to see it.Look under rubber boot on slave cyl should be dry.
Best to replace both master and slave at same time they are fairly low cost items.
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thanks!! but levels all ok, did all that rubbing and smelling.
i think im gonna have to put it in shop
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Have someone work the pedal in and out while you observe the linkage at the slave cylinder end in engine compartment to see if you are getting any movement. Also check to see if there isn't an adjustment provision at the slave cylinder. Should be a lock nut on a threaded piece.
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get under car

You will have to get under car to check the next thing but since it wount go into gear to drive on ramps You will need to use a jack and get some jack stands(BE SAFE ALWAYS USE JACK STANDS WHEN UNDER CAR).one car is up on stands you will have room to climb under car and look at the slave CYL
It will be attached to the clutch housing with two or 3 bolts and a hyd line going to it.
Like said above have someone get in and pump clutch and watch that piston moves in and out.also check under boot for seepage..
How many miles on the ford?More then 130 thousand and your clutch may be in need of repacment and no amount of piston travel will fix that.

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Exclamation Cheers

Would just like to say thanks for the replys!!
car now running,it was the clutch release bearing that went but no garage needed

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