Replacing Toyota Sienna carpet?


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Replacing Toyota Sienna carpet?

Bought an used 2000 Toyota Sienna CE and the carpet on the front passenger feet area got soaked after the A/C ran for a while. Toyota dealer said a rodent ate through the rubber tube that drains the water condensation from the AC unit under the passenger seat. For $40 they would have someone with a Wet Dry do the carpet.

Well, I thought I could that myself and it has been two weeks now. The carpet has a rubber backing so I loosened as much as I could to let it air dry. Not much progress. The padding is really soaked and stinks.

How hard is it to replace the padding and carpet on my mini van? Worried that mold is growing and kids are breathing a good dose of it. Do I need to use a torque wrench to put the front seats back on?
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When it comes to recommending a torque wrench for seat belts and seats yes i have to recommend that. Do I use it, personally no. As for replacing the carpet, it would be cheaper to go to a detailing shop and let them take care of it. That carpeting is almost worth more than your entire vehicle. Also if you get padding god help you, you better be sitting down when you get the price of that. Otherwise use good disinfectants such as pouring denatured alcohol on the spot and brushing that around to kill the mold then using a wetvac to help dry it out. Usually alcohol doesn't remove color but try it on a small spot first. You may have to do this a few times till the smell is gone. Lysol things like that can be used to. Test cleaners on small spot not normally seen to make sure they don't bleech.
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On some cars it's pretty simple to replace the carpet, on some it's very difficult. You could probably get an after market carpet, most are very close to the original quality. I wouldn't recommend getting it through the dealer, they tend to be very expensive. The car also probably has the carpet made of 2 pcs, you will probably only need to replace the front part (the most difficult one of course ).
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once things start to mold you boned. id try a junktard or go dealer.

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