1998 Ranger


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1998 Ranger

Sometimes when I shut the driver side door the door ajar light and the dome light stay on. This can be for several minutes before it shuts off but sometimes it works properly. I looked for the switch which I always thought was in the door jam and found nothing.

Any ideas where it is?
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Spray some WD-40 into the latch. That should probably take care of it.
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I got to thinking about this and looked at my Ranger. I moved the tumbler inside the latch and it clicked up twice without closing the door. The lights went out so this confirms the switch is inside the rear of the door next to the latch.

My problem is now I can't close my door. I can't get the latch to reset to the door open position. Do I have to take my door panel off or is there a trick?
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I played around with the latch more and between using the door handle and the power lock/unlock I got the latch to reset.

It helps when you turn on the lights!
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When you go to buy a new door switch, beware that there are 2 types sold. Take the old one with you to avoid the mistake of buying the wrong one. Its a commonly misstocked item.

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