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Question water leak-help

I have a 96' corsica an the radiator had a crack in it so we JB welded it (it is no longer leaking from the radiator any more) and put on new water pump and thermastat but now it is leaking from some where in the back of the engine. I had a person look underneath the car and they said that the engine is cracked, but if the engine was craked wouldn't there be atifreeze in the oil or oil in the radiator? Becasue the car still runs fine, sometimes it is hard to start but it still has power and runs great. When I shut off the car there is a sound like pressure is leaking out. oh yeah and the heater core is not working. Do you think that it could be leaking from there or one of the lines in the back or not. Could someone please give me a opion on what it could be.

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You ask for an opinion, here goes.

The jb weld will not fix the radiator.
The water leaking in the rear of the engine must be identified. It may or may not cause oil/radiator symptoms.
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Originally Posted by Lugnut
It may or may not cause oil/radiator symptoms.
2nd that.

Its incredible the things people do try to save a radiator, i have heard ground up pepper in coolant, eggs, now jb weld on the outside. Just remember an aftermarket radiator from a local parts store not a dealer will be cheaper than a tow. A radiator from the dealer is worth more than the resale value of the car. Probably because it is gold plated or something.

Also check the freeze plugs, they could be leaking. Sometimes head gaskets can leak coolant out on the block i have seen a few of those to. Intake manifold gaskets are prone to leaking externally to on those cars.

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