Tire rotation sound


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Tire rotation sound

93 Buick Century, 3.3, 111,000 miles and runs great. Problem I'm having is a intermittant sound and it imitates the turn of the tires at low speed. Almost sounds like a branch is caught between the fenderwell and the tire. I have had the car into a few shops and have looked myself and can't get the sound ro replicate when up. Front end is tight, cv boots not broke. This will come once every few days for a minute or two and go away but is making me crazy. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks.
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This is pretty basic and I would assume any shop would have checked it right away, but how are your front brake pads?
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I've had it into two shops already and nothing wrong can be found. Front brakes were put in 6 months and 5,000 miles ago, rotors not cut, wheel bearings repacked. This is not a metal to metal sound and it comes up very infrequently.
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Any mud flaps or plastic shielding under the car? splash shields and such?
Sometimes there are a few bolts can rust off, but the plastic is pretty firm, so at rest, you don't see any thing wrong
Then with a cross-wind the mudflap folds over and rubs the tire, or over 62MPH the splash guard folds over underneath or to the side and rubs
You pull over to check it out and "flop" it's back in place and everything looks normal
Just a thought...
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Slickshift, you're a genius and you get extra gold stars.

I pulled the wheels over the weekend amd found a inner lining in the wheel wells and had about a 6 inch crack in two places running parallel to each other. I used a light and they could hardly be seen. I initially duct taped them, drove all weekend and will do a more permanent repair but I found the trouble.

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