90 Camry fuel pump


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Question 90 Camry fuel pump

I have a 90 Toyota Camry with 3S-FE 2000- 16 valve engine.

The engine cranks and has spark, but no fuel. When I first turn the ignition switch on, I do not hear the fuel pump run. I just got this car and I am unfamiliar with where things are located on it. What I need to know is where the fuel pump relay is located.

Thanks in advance
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Look at the labels in the fuse box's or in the manual. The fuel pump relay is normally found under the hood in most cars.
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I have already checked under the hood, there is nothing labeled fuel pump. That is where I thought it would be as well, could it be called something else, there is a relay labeled VSW, what is that for?

I do not have an owners manual, got this car 'cheap' the previous owner had taken it to two 'mechanics' and said it cost too much to fix it.

Starting fluid into the intake and it will run, but ...well that costs almost as much as gasoline now $2.70 gallon

Guess I could run a hot wire to the fuel pump, but there is a relay somewhere that is supposed to do that, just have to find it and see why it isn't working.
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In the check connector under the hood jump B+ and FP and see what that nets if it will start.

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