2004 Ford Lariat Check charging system indicator


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2004 Ford Lariat Check charging system indicator

My check charging system indicator started to light up about two months ago. I have had diagnotics run on the battery from 3 different auto stores and checked fine. I had diagnotics run on the altenator from two differnt
auto stores and checked fine. I cleaned the terminals, replaced the fan belt, check the fuses inside the cab, and looked for visble loose connections several times and cannot figure what is causing this. It happens intermittently. Sometimes 5 to 10 minutes after start. Sometimes on the next start after a stop someplace. This has been going for a little over two months and I figured if was a serious malfunction with the alternator or battery it would a shown itself by now. It is just annoying and does not affect the way the truck runs.
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Could be a faulty regulator or rectifier in the alternator with an intermittent problem. Intermittent problems suck to diagnose, because they usually need to be causing trouble when testing. Batteries usually don't cause the charging light to go on.

Your vehicle is under warranty isn't it. Keep bringing it to the dealer for this problem and complaining they will through parts at it eventually my first call would be alternator.

Then i would trouble shoot the circuit that triggers that light for any opens or shorts.
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shottys right take it back to the dealer and they will fix it. You have already wasted way to much time. But does this happen after a rain or car wash? Is this truck the old body style called the Heritage? If so feel the carpet on the the driver's side if it's wet the windshield needs to be sealed. And replace the GEM module and fuse box. (water getting on both and shorting out) I have seen battery drains,lighting problems and etc. with this problem.
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Thanks....But out of warranty

I appreciate the feedback. The truck now has 40000 miles on it and is out of warranty. The truck has the new body style and is indifferent to whether it is raining or moisture.

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