Ford Explorer Transfer case problem


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Question Ford Explorer Transfer case problem

I have a 2002 Ford Explorer with automatic 4 wheel drive. Recently, after the car has been driven, I get a shudder ( best description) from the wheels when I turn at very slow speed, like in a parking lot or turning a corner. I have replaced the fluid in the transfer case but the problem remains. I don't notice any noise or shudder when I am driving at normal speeds. My first guess is that the problem is in the viscous coupler. Any other ideas? Can just the coupler be replaced or do I need a complete transfer case? Thanks in advance.

PS. This definitely not a steering problem. I have completly checked that out.
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Does this happen when you make a full right or left turn and accelerate? Vibration or shudder during low speed turns. Replace the limited slip clutch pack in the rear end. And make sure you add the friction modifier additive.
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Posi-rear differential?

If it has a posi-trac rear differential Ford has an updated clutch pack you may want to check into that as a possibility.
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This explorer is an all-wheel drive. The shudder and low creaking sound seem to come from the front wheels and happen when I turn the wheel in any direction at low speed. Either a full or partial left or right turn. Also I notice the problem when I turn a corner at speed but at the low end. No sound when I turn the wheel and am standing still.
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Follow up on your Explorer transfer case issue

I know this happened to you a few years you remember what the root cause was and how did you fix it? I have the exact same problem - also on my 2002 Explorer. Thanks!
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CV joints in front driveaxles. sorry, half shafts.
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try - changing the lube in the rear drive axle.
use 75/140 synthetic lube -ADD 4oz bottle of friction modifier.
when done go to a suitable parking lot & make about 7-8 tight circles with the steering all the way left- then all the way - right

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