Coolant Leak


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Coolant Leak

I own a 1993 chevy cavalier with about 94k. My goal is to keep the car for another year with spending as little as possible for repairs.

I noticed an antifreeze leak a while ago. I have been adding water and have not overheated. When i fill the overfolw and radiator i notice that after i drive around for a while i may smell antifreeze but the car won't leak until after it is sitting around for a while. I will notice antifreeze under the car but can't tell where it is comming from.

I just filled up the radiator and overflow with water and let the car run for about a 1/2 hour and drove around the block a few times. the temp gauge did not move and I could not find any leak. I am going to see now if there is any leak under the car.

I checked all the hoses and connections and no leak. I know that later when i go out it will leak. What can cause this problem and how can i fix it.

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If you can smell the antifreeze the leak is probably inside, most likely at the heater core. This will cause the carpet to get wet, so it should be repaired.
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I second that

I also say heater core/does your windows fog up?
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I only smell the antifreeze once and a while. my rugs do not get wet and my windows do not fog. What is a heater core and where is it located? Is it a big job to fix. Thanks.
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the heater core is insdie the car under the dash not that hard to change out, but I would suggest you see a shop for a leak test on the cooling system the coolant has to be going somewhere and once you know for sure where the leak is coming from then you can see about repairing it.
a heatercore can leak and run antifreeze out of the a/c drain on the firewall you might look at the drain for any signs of coolant inside the drain tube.
if its a 2.2 you should check around the head gasket closely for any external leaks as this engine is well known for a leaking headgasket.

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