sentra spedometer


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sentra spedometer

My son's Nissan Sentra's spedometer sometimes does not work. It lays at zero and then after awhile it jumps up to the speed you're going. Does anyone have any idea what would cause this. I think it is around a '95. Thanks
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Probably is the speed sensor failure. It locates on transmission with wires connect to it. Not difficult to change yourself with right tool.
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It could possibly be a speedometer cable or the speedometer gear inside the transmission or maybe even the speedometer "head" itself (the speedometer head is what you are looking at to determine your speed). One way to determine if it is in the transmission is to disconnect the speedometer cable at the transmission side and rotate the inner metal part of the cable between your fingers rolling it back and forth while someone watches the speedometer head to see if the needle bounces up and down while you do this. If the cable bounces up and down along with the movement of the cable. I would then remove the speedometer gear housing from the transmission and check the gear on the end. If it is found to be damaged (should look straight and uniform with no gouges in it) go to the dealer (only place to get these sort of parts) and get another gear and install it. Also you need to check the gear inside that drives this smaller gear to determine if it is what may have caused the damage. If so it is time to get a professional involved.
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I has this problem a while back

with my 95 sentra, replaced the speed sensor-didn't work. I had to replace the part the the sensor plugs into. (It was around $200 if I remember correctly) The speedos on these cars are fully electronic, I'm not sure if the suggestion above will work- unless you try it with the key on.

Trying to help!
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thanks, very much, at least it gives us an idea of where to start.

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