trans stuck in park


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trans stuck in park

My kid has a 1993 mercury Sable front wheel drive stuck in park. Ran fine and all of sudden after sitting for 4 hours it wouldn't go out of park. Console lever push button pushes in but still stuck in park. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Shift interlock?

It is possible you are having a problem with a shift interlock. We posted a note reguarding this last week. What I would suggest is turn the ignition key just far enough to unlock the steering wheel but not enough to get the dash lights to come on. This will not activate the interlock and you would then be able to shift the car out of park if the interlock is the problem. As someone else had mentioned the brake light should be observed to see if they are working this is what supplies the power for the interlock solenoid. If you do not find this to be possible you can also disconnect the battery and turn the key fully on (no power reguardless) and see if it will shift out of park. If this helps then the interlock would be the problem weather it is a power (wiring fuse etc.) or the solenoid itself would then have to be further diagnosed once we know if this helps. if you need further help/info I am usually available Monday-Friday during business hours. Hope this helps.
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Great advice, thanks for a prmpt reply. Will give it a try.
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This happened to my daughter's Toyota Corolla. The problem was some bad brake lights wouldn't allow it out of park because of a safety issue. There should be some way to override. Look in your manual. We had to pry a little plastic piece up and then stick a screwdriver in every time we wanted to shift out of park.
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Thanks for all the help. It appears that the brake switch was hanging up. If I pushed hard on the pedal it would allow the solenoid to disengage. I pulled it and reinstalled it. There were also two brake lights on one side burned out. Not sure which actually fixed the problem but it works now. Thanks again for coming to the rescue.
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stuck in park

Yea, seen it a few times now , Folks just forget to push on the brake pedal , or , they will hit the release button , an take there foot off the brake too soon , An WHAMO , its stuck !!!, Also when they park the vechile , they will have turned the wheel all the way one direction parking , An then with their hand still on the wheel they shut the car off , Then they go to start it an the key switch wont turn, They gotta turn the wheel just a bit to get the bind off the steering wheel lock , so the key will turn the rest of the way. Gotten alot of service calls on that one !!!!
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