2002 Frontier Brakes


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Question 2002 Frontier Brakes

I just finished replacing the front brakes on my 2002 Nissan Frontier 2WD and now I have a pumping sensation everytime I step on the petal. It feels like trying to stop an ABS equipped vehicle on a washboard road. I had both rotors resurfaced at a local auto parts store, and the pads were replaced as well. I've done lots of brake jobs before (all non-ABS cars) and have never experienced this kind of problem. Am I missing something here, or could the rotor resurfacing job have been botched that badly??

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Does the pulsation get worse at faster speeds? Does the ABS light come on
when this happens? I have seen rust and debris stick to ABS sensors (they are magnetic). This may cause unwanted ABS activation. Also if the parts store did not clean the hub/wheel mating surfaces of the rotor before they machined them, they will come out warped.

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