wheres is the starter 4 a 91 tempo


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wheres is the starter 4 a 91 tempo

Where is the starter on a 91 ford tempo?
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right where the engine and transmission meet up
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probaly covered in about 2 inches of road grime an motor oil , do you know what a starter looks like ?, As said above on the lower side of the engine , between the engine an the transmission. where they bolt together
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were not being smart with you about where it is, we work on tons of cars we don't memorize where stuff is on every car, we just look in the area where the parts should be found till we see it. a starter is pretty easy to find.
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Here is a photo I made,
Where the white circle is where starters usually are. They are lower to the road than they are closer to the hood so take a look under your car and you should be able to see it.

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IT will be connected to either a Flywheel of flexplate, depending on whether your auto or manual.


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