high altitude changes


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high altitude changes

Just moved to the Denver area from Houston (sea level). My vehicles acclimated very well, thanks to technology and self adjusting timing/fuel injection. However, my older carburated boat with a 351 Ford and Holley 650 seem to be having problems.

I notice a drop in top speed of about 10% and a noticeable reduction in acceleration under load......... pulling 1-3 skiers out of the water. She seems to be running rich, which would be explained by the higher altitude.

Suggestions? I'm tempted to go ahead and change out the jets in the Holley to a smaller size based on local "recommendations". I've also been advised to advance the timing 1 degree for every 1000ft in elevation.

Anyone have any experience in similar situations?
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Engine is having trouble breathing and if memory serves me right I believe retarding the ignition is the right move.

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