Dry carb auxiliary jet...primary fine.


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Dry carb auxiliary jet...primary fine.

1983 Honda Civic 1500 w/ 122,000 miles.

Carb is a 3-bbl Keihin that was flooding gas to the point of gas getting into the oil. Removed carb and rebuilt. Installed, adjusted float levels, changed spark plugs, drained oil...idles great. Test drove finding the engine is starving for gas over 25 mph. Rechecked float levels and re-adjusted auxiliary (the primary was fine). Noted that at idle the primary jet is spraying gas into the carb but not the auxiliary jet. When throttle if further advanced to higher rpms the primary jet sprays gas stronger but the auxiliary jet remains dry.

Am wondering if the lack of auxiliary jet supplying gas is the cause of my Civic not getting enough gas when driven over 25 mph? At what point should the auxiliary jet kick-in t do it's job?

I am a do-it-yourself guy an am wondering what I might be overlooking.

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A side note since I just looked closer at photographs that I took while rebuilding the carb. The primary float/chamber supplies the fuel to the two large barrels of the carb (the auxiliary to the very small third barrel). Of the two larger barrels only one is supplying gas thru the jet and the other is not. I suspect there is a blockage and will need to remove and clear out. Interested in your thoughts before I do this again. Thanks
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