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My wife's '98 Camry is at 60K miles and is due for a tune-up. By and large, there seem to be no problems in starting or running.

I was considering changing plugs and wires and letting it go at that. Is that okay or should I take it to a mechanic for a computer diagnostic?

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I'd do plugs, wires, cap n rotor (if you've got'em), fuel & air filters
It's a good car and worth it to do it right
Stay with the Toyota parts if at all possible, especially the electronics

Your on-board diagnostics would let you know if there was something amiss with the sensors (Check Engine Light)

I don't see any reason for you to take it to a mechanic at this point
You should be able to DIY the tune-up
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Totally agree with Slickshift.... Today's "tune up" isn't much more than what he listed........... I would add.... check all fluid levels (and I mean all).... and change/retop as necessary....... And that timing belt (serpentine belt) - if it has any cracks in it... change it now before it breaks in the middle of the highway....

Do I really miss the days of changing points/plugs/condensor - setting the timing? Not really - though I still get to do it with my 351 W in my ski boat.... (where is that darned timing light?)................
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I agree that you can do the tuneup yourself. But if you really want to get ambitious and do what the accomplished DIYers do to their vehicles, here's a list of the items I do every 30K to most vehicles:

change spark plugs
change fuel filter
change air filter
clean throttle body
change transmission filter
complete exchange of transmission fluid
complete exchange of power steering fluid
complete exchange of brake fluid (every 2 yrs)
cooling system flush & fill (every 2 or 3 yrs)

Not everybody does all the things listed above, but do as much as ambition allows.

I replace ignition wires on an as-needed basis.

I strongly recommend changing the timing belt every 60K on the Camry.
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thanks for the input. I've already done the air filter, but hadn't thought about the fuel filter.

Sounds like the timing belt is a must. that's something -- along with transmission and radiiator stuff i'll have to take in to the shop.

you are all correct -- its a great car and well worth the effort/$

Anyone out there who used to do all this work on 60's VW bugs? the only car i've ever owned I was able to do timing, points, valves, etc. These new ones are way beyone me. Maybe I should be a ski boat......

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