recycle freon?


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recycle freon?

A buddy of mine took his 99 tacoma in to get his air conditioning fixed it would blow warm air on hot humid days sometimes.They replaced the expansion valve and it works great now he says.
Anyway they charged him for a pound of freon whats the deal with that I know they can reuse what they take out.Am I right?It cost him 300 something bucks for all the work.Freon was 25 dollars.
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I am not a refrigeration expert but freon has to be cleaned and distilled before it can be reused. Special equipment is needed and most small shops are not going to have it. I have included a link that may explain it a bit further. Next to last paragraph pretty much explains it.
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Also it is likely they had to add more freon than they extracted.
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he is talking about refrigerant recycling equipment and a lot of shops do have it if you are from a larger city area, i am sure small shops in the middle of no where probably don't have it

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