Turn off A/C before car?


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Question Turn off A/C before car?

Is there any logic to turning off the A/C in the car before turning the car itself off? Will doing this somehow decrease the chances of having problems with the A/C in the future?
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no it will not

The compressor kicks on an off really hard when your driving. Turning the car off when the a/c is engaged is nothing compared to when it is working
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If you turn off the AC first, then wait a couple of minutes (with the blower on) you will minimize mold buildup in the AC evaporator. The air will dry the evaporator coils.
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He has a good point there if you are a person with a medical condition and react to mold harshly. From a mechanical stand point it is fine, unless this troublesome molds grows to big that it clogs the evaporater, but it is usually dirt and cob webs that clog those up.
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I always turn off All my accessories before I shut off the engine. Just out of habit.
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i was thinking..... ive been running into problems with my house ac. it was the evaporator that was clogged . could this happen to a car ac. im mean comparatively speaking a house ac needs filter replacement every 2 to 3 weeks and ive never changed a filter in the car for the ac? hmmmmmmm what do you guys think
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Some newer cars have a cabin filter my Toyota Matrix had one it was a 03 model at 20 bucks a pop.My 04 Tacoma and my wifes 00 Corrolla dont have one.
I noticed that on the Matrix the vents always would have that funky smell kind of mold smell not really a problem with the non filterd cars.
I also say about two blocks before you get to were you are going turn off ac and pump fresh outside air thru the coils to dry them.
Here is another thing I found it might be just on my wifes car the Corrola but if you start it with the engine cold A/C on it idles rough and CEL light comes on for random misfire.(maybe that 1.8 needs all the power it can get till warm).

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