Vibration at high speeds on 1998 GMC Yukon


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Brian F
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Vibration at high speeds on 1998 GMC Yukon

I am having a problem diagnosing a problem I am having with my 1998 GMC Yukon. The truck has a vibration in it once you get it up past 50 mph. You feel the vibration on the floor and in the seat of your pants not in the steering wheel. My mechanic has replaced the U-joints on the front drive shaft and the rear drive shaft, balanced the front drive shaft, replaced the 4x4 transfer case (because it was leaking), rotated the wheels and even borrowed a set of new wheels and the vibration is still there. He took the truck on the highway and got it up to 65 mph and put the truck in neutral and shut it off to rule out a motor problem and the vibration was still there. He knows the the problem is in the driveline somewhere, but he does not know where to go next. If anyone has any in-sight into what the problem could be please let me know... we are open to suggestions. You can e-mail me at [email protected] with any suggestions.
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It's a little young for it, but have all the suspension parts been carefully checked? Shocks/struts/springs/anything that might allow a wheel to dance around after hitting bumps at high speed.
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Driveshaft wrapped in black plastic coating?

If you have an aluminum driveshaft with a black plastic coating make sure the black plastic coating is not peeling off. I have seen this cause a vibration bad enough to break the transmission case not the transfer case (it survived) but the transmission housing just before it goes into the transfer case. The vehicle came in for a leak.
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How about the carrier bearing in the center replaced?

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