03 Kia Spectra - Two Questions


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03 Kia Spectra - Two Questions

I am about to purchase an '03 Spectra GSX 5-speed (25,000 miles), and I've got a couple questions.

First: will it worth the effort to do the oil changes myself (i.e. filter in a good spot, or will I just end up P.O.'ed and wishing I had taken it in somewhere)?

Second: is there any advantage to using synthetic oil vs. natural?

Multas Gracias in advance!
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things to think about

I used to change my own oil when much younger.I did my own oil changes when I had a 3/4 ton chevy pickup because I had plenty of room to get under it.
I would consider this climate were you live if you like climbing under cars when it is 100 in the shade or 30 in the sun.You will have to dispose of used oil.do you have the tools like filter wrench,pan to catch oil,jack and jackstands,wrench for plug?(be safe never climb under a car on just a jack).
Price of oil and filter at about 1.27 a quart X4 plus maybe 3-4 bucks for a good filter.
Or you can look around for a deal and have it done for about 20 bucks and be in and out in 20 min or less.
Sometimes you can go to the dealer and see if they have any specials.
I would use regular dino oil and change at 3 thousand miles.
If you go with something like Mobil 1 you can extended it to 7 thousand miles that is just my 2 cents.

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