99 Suburban, Engine Blown???


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99 Suburban, Engine Blown???

99 Suburban 4wd 110,000 Miles, Normal Driving, Then Suddenly Sounds Like Rocks Being Shaken In A Garabage Can! Stopped, Found 1/2" Hole In Oil Pan Bent From Inside To Outside. Figured It's A Broken Connecting Rod, Had It Towed. Question Is, Should I Tear It Apart And Replace What's Needed, Or Find A Used Engine For A Grand? Any Special Problems With Either A Rebuild Or Pulling This Engine?

Any Comments Welcomed, Thanks. Tommy
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If you tear the engine down and find upon inspection that everything else looks fine, I would take it to a machine shop and have it checked further for unseen defects. If all clear, I'd say rebuild it. Another option would be to get a remanufactured long block from maybe Jasper. We picked up a 350 long block from Jasper about 6 years back for $900, but that was also with our discount. After 200,000 miles, the engine is still running great and we had no major issues with it. As far as getting a used engine, just be cautious from where you get it. We get our used engines from a salvage yard that carries mainly low mile, fairly new wrecked vehicles. They also give us a warranty depending on the miles of the engine and how long it has been sitting.

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