97 Ranger Exhaust Manifold need help


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97 Ranger Exhaust Manifold need help

I got broken bolt in my right exhaust manifold at the Y pipe. I have taken it to two different shops neither can fix want to replce the whole manifold. The Ford dealership wants $435 ($85 for the manifold, $107 for the bolts and $243 for the labor). Do these prices sound right? I was thinking of buying the parts at advance auto or similar store, can someone give me a list of the parts I would need to replace the right exhaust manifold? 97 Ranger XLT v6 4.0L 4WD. Thanks
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$107 for bolts? What, are they made to space shuttle specs?

You can find the procedure at www.autozone.com. I browsed the procedure and it looks like pretty straight-forward stuff except for having to remove or move some other stuff for room or access. By any chance was either of the shops you checked happen to be an exhaust shop? If not I would try having a couple of exhaust shops look at it; they deal with broken bolts, studs, etc, every day and I'm fairly certain they don't replace entire manidfolds for a broken bolt very often. Word of warning - if you break a manifold-to-head bolt while removing the manifold you will probably have to pull the head to fix it.

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