cv joints


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cv joints

I think that the cv joints are going on my car, it is a 93 grand am with 19K original miles. I am hearing a clanking and or popping on the passenger side whenever turning, and it has been getting worse. I was wondering how hard it is for a DIY'er and around how much i would be looking at if i got it done at a shop. any info, tips or comments would be appreciated.

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Leave this job to a pro. Front end work can get VERY complicated. Have it borught into a shop to just have it looked at. Could be a lack of grease in the CV boot, or your ball joints my be going. Got any more details?

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not to bad

Replace the whole axle assy much more easy.I am thinking about 75 bucks for just parts.You probbably need a big socket and a large prybar.Jack stands and transmission fluid or gear oil some will leak out.
Look at the rubber boots they are probbaly split do you see greasse slung in the fenerwell?
To make sure that is what it is jack up car (use saftey stands) turn wheel to far left and far right and turn wheel and look at boot.
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I agree with Michael. The entire axle assembly should be replaced. They are reasonably inexpensive (around $50.00-$75.00) as he said and they come with a warranty.
It is a fairly easy job to install one. Remove the tire. remove the large nut in the center of the hub (behind the tire) 30-32 mm If I recall. Raise this side of the car, remove the ball joint nut 18-mm and cotter pin (or bolt). Pry the ball joint downward untill it pops out. Use a punch and hammer to drive the axle end out of the wheel hub (where the nut was installed that you removed earlier) then place a large screwdriver or the equivilent aganist the metal portion of the c.v at the transmission side and hit it with a hammer driving it AWAY from the transmission, it should pop out. When reinstalling the new axle I find it best to rotate the "circlip" (it is on the transmission side of the new axle shaft and it looks like a "c") on the end of the new axle shaft to point the opening at the ground then align it inside being careful not to cut the seal (they are reasonably forgiving) and hold it in and push until it pops in. You must hold it straight and level in the transmission so it can slide into the splines. Then reassemble the other items removed. The "book time" is 1.5 hours labor that you could save doing it yourself, or write the check, whatever you feel more comfortable doing. Best of luck.
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[QUOTE=michael van]and transmission fluid or gear oil some will leak out.

SOME? If you are going to attempt this, Drain the tranny because I recall I was taking a CV joint out of a ford focus motor that was on an engine hoist and Despite being told it had been drained, it wasnt! and it made a mess all over the floor. Like 10 pig mats later It was all cleaned up. Besides, It never hurts to change some fluid!


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