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Hi I got a 2001 Honda CRV and I read from the manual that I should use Honda-coolant/anti-freeze. But you know, they always said you should use original product otherwise it will damage your car at certain I am asking if it is okay to use other commercial brand of coolant/anti-freeze. Also the wiper cleaner? Thanks a lot!!
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I would definitely avoid mixing two different antifreezes in the same system. This can cause serious long term problems. If you completely flush out old coolant, you could probably use a different coolant. I say this because I don't think Honda - or any auto manufacturer - uses any different materials in their cooling system than anyone else.

I would avoid using the old "green" coolant. Antifreezes have gone through an evolution in the past decade. My personal favorite is Zerex G 05. It seems to be favored by most manufacturers. Regardless of your choice I recommend a complete flush and coolant replacement every 2-3 years.

Same for your washer fluid (wiper cleaner). What does Honda recommend, and why couldn't you use regular washer fluid during the winter?

On a side note, I think it's rather annoying of Honda to recommend using their maintenance products without telling us what these products are really made of. It flies in the face of the Moss-Magnuson Warranty Act, which requires manufacturers to supply the product for free if they require owners to use dealer products to maintain vehicle warranty. Honda is the worst offender of this practise.
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And, of course, those "geniune" replacement fluids and parts are BIG money makers for the dealerships. I've been driving Toyotas for about 25 years and have seldom had to resort to genuine Toyota parts and have NEVER bought oem fluids. I'm pretty sceptical that there are any magical ingredients in the oem fluids.
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I had a Honda and just used whatever washer fluid was cheapest. I do agree with flushing out all of whatever coolant you have if you're switching to something different.

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