Help buying a GEO Tracker Gas mileage between 8 cyl and 4 cyl


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Help buying a GEO Tracker Gas mileage between 8 cyl and 4 cyl

I own a 1990 Ford F-150 with a 5.0 in it and have to put between $60 and $70 a week in gas. I am looking at a GEO Tracker for 2 reasons 1 it is a 1.6 liter 4 cyl. and the other is it is 4WD. I have never owned a 4 cyl but would like to know how much gas it would save driving a 4 cyl instead of the 8 cyl.
Also the Tracker has only 86,000 miles on it, and is an A/T is there a way a garage could check out the transmission to make sure it is good and not about to go out. The reason asking on this it would cost more to get a A/T rebuilt with 4 WD than the tracker is worth. Are the any other items you would look at before buying? Anyone know the reputation of these SUV's, I can't find alot on the internet. Thanks for any info and help.
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A 1990 Geo Tracker 4x4 gets on average 27 mpg(26 city, 28 highway).

A 1990 F150 gets around 14-16 mpg.

As far as the transmission is concerned, I would think that your mechanic should be able to look the tracker over and give you a pretty decent idea of major problems which could be arising. Transmissions can be funny though; you never know with them.

I've never owned a tracker personally, but with gas prices they way they are, I would definitely consider getting away from the 8 cylinder.

Hope this helps.
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Originally Posted by bctune33
A 1990 Geo Tracker 4x4 gets on average 27 mpg(26 city, 28 highway).
Those are the numbers for the EPA, not actual mileage
Those numbers are made by specific test procedures, in order to replicate the numbers for, and compare to other vehicles
Tha test procedure (100seconds @ X RPM, 300 seconds @ Y RPM, 1000 seconds at Z RPM, etc...) is not a realistic gauge of the actual mileage you will get
It is highly unlikely that a person will replicate those exact conditions when driving
Also the vehicle is 15 years old now

It's not a big deal as that's one of the few ways to compare used vehicles, the EPA numbers for the cars/trucks when they were new
It's just that when quoting those numbers, rather than your actual mileage that you recorded, (or someone you know recorded), you should mention that they are EPA numbers, and should be used to compare to other EPA numbers

I would suspect (with good cause) the actual average milege of a '90 tracker to be somewhat less

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