Ford Shift Cable Releases How?


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Ford Shift Cable Releases How?

97 E350 (Motorhome Van Chassis) 6.8 Liter OHC V10. 120,000 miles. I doubt if the Motorhome chassis has anything to do with the type of cable end, but the tranny end is in the tunnel where it usually would be. I think it's the same as some other late model Ford automatics, but it has an odd clip without an obvious release. It slides down into notches and is locked in place.

The shift cable/linkage suffered loss of some control, and now will not "Park"/start. Not good.

It's easy to just assume I should replace the shift cable. I figured that one all on my own... OK, so normally I've been able to find the right way to unclamp the cable, but this is where I'm stuck.

I'm looking for help to shed some light on Ford's secret for unclamping the cable ends and reclamping the new ones without any damage? I can't see their method; the manual says “remove the cable from the lever”, (oh that helps) but doesn’t break down how the clamp works.

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If I am thinking of the same cable there should be a yellow locking device that slides on the notches for the adjustment of the cable for the detent positon. The cable itself should have a hole that snaps onto a "ball" on the end of the transmission linkage. If this is the same description of your cable, I use a large screwdriver and place it between the cable end and the transmission linkage and pry it off, it will "snap" on and off. The yellow piece is a slide type locking device and is only used for adjustments if the detents (p-r-n-d-2-1-) are off and cannot be shifted into all the gears.

It has been my expierience that with mortorhomes and vehicles that sit for extended periods of time will have linkage problems (including cables) from not being used, much like emergency brake cables that set up. Hope this information helps you solve your problem.

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