90 town car brakes sticking


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90 town car brakes sticking

The brakes have been sticking / dragging noticeably on our 1990 lincoln town car non abs. I replaced pads/rotors/seals and it didnt fix the problem.

Is it a caliper issue or proportion valve issue or is the master cylinder malfunctioning.

After a stop the car will not move unless you give it ALOT of gas.

edit ............. I read the post about the clogged lines acting as a check valve. We had some of the lines replaced that ran from the proportioning valve to the rear brakes. They had rusted thru.

Other than visually following the lines to the front calipers and inspecting them / bleeding all the old fluid out and adding new is there anything else i can do to rule out the clogged lines.

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First thing to rule out is the calipers themselves. Make the brakes stick, raise the vehicle, see which wheel is sticking. Remove calipers, push pistons back (a large pair of channel lock pliers or c-clamp works great). Note difference in resistance. If one is harder to push back than the other, replace them both. If both are easy to push back, look at the sliders, which allow the calipers to slide back and forth on the caliper bracket. Pull them appart, clean them up, lube them throughly with a silicone based brake lube.
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I just did the pads/rotors so the piston is fully pushed back. I have the caliper piston generic tool thing and it wasnt that bad. The side that sticked was a little harder than normal but it wasnt anything horrible. Ill re grease them and bleed the entire system ( it probably needs it anyway) and see if that stops the sticking.

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brake hoses is what will often act like a check valve and cause pressure to be applied to the calipers, metal lines like the one that you had replaced do to being rusted out will not cause this problem.
if the calipers pistons can be compressed in easier with the bleeder screw open then you could suspect brake hoses.
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I bled the brakes today just to see if anything was lodged in there. I also lubricated the slider pins. The passenger side caliper required ALOT more force to press the brake pedal when bleeding. Drivers side was much much much easier to depress the pedal when bleeding. So im assuming that the passenger caliper is trashed and thats why its sticking. Or is there something else wrong.

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