96 Ranger Brake/Transmission issues


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96 Ranger Brake/Transmission issues

I have a 96 Ford Ranger STX 4.0 Liter V6, 4x4, Standard Transmission.

At certain times, generally when I am pulling into a parking space at slow speeds, the brake pedal stiffens up and will only go down maybe 1/3 of the way and there will be a vibration in the pedal. I have next to no braking power when this happens.

A guy at AutoZone told me that he thinks it may be the Brake Booster...but that he figured my rotors would be warped as well.

Does anyone have any idea as to what I could start with here?

Also, the transmission in the truck sometimes is very, VERY difficult to shift. Sometimes it's next to impossible to shift (generally worst into 1,2 and R). The transmission shifts easily when you first start the vehicle. My mechanic seems to think that someone changed the clutch and used too heavy of an oil in it.
Any ideas?

Thanks to all in advance.
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The transmission fluid is easy to determine if the correct fluid was used. Your truck should take Mercon ATF it will be red in color. You need to find the fill plug and check the color if not red (it maybe a little discolored) and thin like transmission ATF then it is the wrong fluid. However the fluid should affect all gears as it is the same fluid. I would be more suspisicious of the clutch. Normally if it is hard to get into reverse and 1st gear these are good "indicators" that a clutch problem exsists. Also you may want to check the clutch hydraulic fluid level, it takes brake fluid for the clutch hydraulics.
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I drained the fluid in the transmission...it was not ATF so I replaced it. So far no change, but i'm going to give it a few days to see if it helps.

According to my mechanic, my brake issue is related to a vacuum leak I have. So I am going to have that diagnosed soon.

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