How hard is it to convert an auto trans to a manual trans in a 95 jeep wrangler?


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kc robertson
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How hard is it to convert an auto trans to a manual trans in a 95 jeep wrangler?

I have a 95 wrangler with a 4cyl and hate my automatic transmission. how much time and money is involved with converting it to a standard transmission...? nothing special....
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The best way to do this conversion is to have a "donor" vehicle to take the parts from, (driveshafts, flywheel, transfer case adapters the brake pedal will have to be changed (automatics use a bigger pedal) shifter assembly/console cut hole in floor for clutch pedal. It is a BIG project. If I were going to do this I would also upgrade from a 4 cylinder. Might just as well make it the way you REALLY want it. Most automotive repair facilitys do not do conversions like this as there is alot of time involved and time equates to money. You might want to look for another vehicle that is equipped with the things you want/need, It could be cheaper. Good luck!

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Unless there is something very special about this particular Wrangler, I second the thought of just buying another one with a stick. Swapping out sounds like more hassle than it's worth unless there is some very good reason to do it.

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