2002 Ford Taurus Starting Problem


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2002 Ford Taurus Starting Problem

Drove the vehicle parked it and on returning it wouldn't start. The battery
on testing appears to be fully charged. Replaced the starter, on attempting
to start the vehicle the starter solenoid sounds to be firing. But no action from
the start itself, the vehicle does not turn over. Check the starter fuses under
the dash as well as the relays under the hood, swapped out with known good relays. What have I missed?
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Always the possibility that one of the acccessories (or the motor, knock on wood) has locked up preventing the started from turning the flywheel.
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Tow Guy--
Can you expand on this, what type of accessory would keep the fly
wheel from turning? The vehicle was running flawlessly prior, I truly
doubt it's the motor itself. Thanks Again
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Make sure the car is in park or neutral. Move the shifter thru the gears and re-position. Check the small wire going to the starter for power when the key is turned to start. The large wire from the battery should have power at all times. I think that there maybe a relay in the under hood fuse box for the starter. Check your owner manual. Or let me know and I will find out.
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Won't crank

Check for power at starter, if you have power,try to turn crank shaft by nut on front of crank pulley. If it doesn't turn, take the belts off and check it agin, if it turns motor is good and you have a locked up alternator,a/c compressor, or p/s pump.

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