OEM debate


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OEM debate

I have been on this fourm a few years and added my 2 cents on some topics.This is my question OEM vs aftermarket parts store parts.I see that a few people (moderators) and just car nuts have options on this.Example:lets say you have a Toyota newer model and it needs a coil pack who would buy from Napa and who would go OEM?Also what parts should be OEM?(I myself if I can afford it would go OEM).I believe that OEM parts are built to a higher quality standard (I might be wrong).
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Well, of course, a NEWER model TOYOTA wouldn't NEED to have a failed coil pack replaced. Shoulda said Ford. But I digress....

I'm not totally against oem parts, but I think there are a lot more parts that can be replaced economically and with just as good a quality than there are oem parts the reverse [not sure I said that clearly, but you get the idea].

There are, I know, people who go to the dealer to get such obvious generic parts as light bulbs, tires, windshield wiper inserts, spark plugs, oil, windshield washer fluid, fuses, and the like. I know the dealers cultivate the behavior because there are HUGE profits to be made. I would just about gaurantee that your average dealership makes most of their profits not from selling new cars, but from selling parts and service. [Side note: Dealerships are not on my "A" list right now. Had to contend with an unhappy customer yesterday whose spare I had installed on her Infiniti Saturday. When she took it to the dealer (Nissan???) to have the tire repaired (!) they told her that one of the lugs was stripped and they had to cut it off (for $90) and that "the tow truck driver must have done it". Needless to say we're not paying for that one since she stood right by the car while I worked and it would have been pretty obvious if I had stripped one during the installation (which would be pretty hard to do even if I was trying). Pretty likely some trainee at the dealer got carried away with the impact gun]. But, I digress again.

Personally I can't see throwing my money away like that.

I would buy the NAPA coil pack. I'll wager the cost would be about half. I might draw the line at INTERNAL engine parts, but since I own Toyotas I never have to buy those kinds of parts anyway.
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It depends
What, where, why, who...

For Toyota spark parts I'll say OEM, for that matter most newer vehicles
This does not always mean dealer
The local Toyota dealer has prices so high now I just paid $19.98 for an O2 gasket
The local NAPA did not have the gasket alone
I did not have the time to mail order one
I returned the OEM and I made my own

For parts high on the "strandable" scale I say go OEM w/o hesitation
Alts, starters, fuel pumps, that sort of thing
(Never buy a cheap battery in New England-but I go Die Hard not OEM)

I went to get sway bar end links for an Escort from the dealer, I wanted to go OEM feeling it would be better fit and finish
I've posted about that before, it was over a hundred bucks and 5-7 days wait
NAPA had more than adequate links for under $20 in stock

Rotors and drums I will buy from NAPA, but mostly because they can usually get me the North American made ones
I do not suffer chin...uh...cheap rotors and drums well

I will even use the big DIY discount chains for some things
Mostly at night or on weekends
But never:
Starters, alts, rotors, pads, shoes, ignition (unless they have the OEM brand, NGK, Motorcraft, or I am using a national brand such as Accel)
And pretty much anything I do buy there is suspect for fitment and completeness (all parts needed are in the box)
You have to keep that in mind when purchasing at these places
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In my line of work (transmission repair) I use alot of parts that are aftermarket, (they are specialty parts from a supplier that does not sell to the general public) sometimes I can only get O.E.M. parts for certain things. I recall once waiting for 6 months for a solenoid for a Ford product that was manufactured in Germany cause I had no other options. I can easily agree with Slickshift. Sometimes the time spent waiting alone outweighs the outcome of a purchase. If I have a customer who absolutely needs their car now I will get whatever I can as soon as possible other times I just tell them we are better off waiting for the part to come in cause we don't want to sacrifice the quality. I currently have late model Acura in my shop for a mount, the OEM part was $82.00, aftermarket $61.00 not a big price difference but the OEM part will not even go on order untill Friday of this week, I expect delivery of the aftermarket on Wednesday the car will be done two days before the OEM part ever goes on order (as long as the part is a good quality). It all depends on the circumstances, some parts I will only go OEM on. I hope this helps with your decisions.

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