Winshield wiper loose connection on 94 Suburban


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Winshield wiper loose connection on 94 Suburban

In the inside of the engine compartment there is an electrical connection to the windshield wiper motor on the firewall. If I hold this connection, press this connection, a certain way, my windshield wipers will work. The windshield wipers worked for a little while when I would begin to drive but now will only work when I press the connection going into the windshield washer motor assembly. There is one electrical connection attached to the electrical part that may be able to be pried out-there is a clip there. But the part that goes into this box does not pull out if I press it outward. There is a rectangular little depression with some wording on it on this electrical connection but when I pressed this with a screwdriver there was no give. I took the plate cover off, of the box where the electrical connection goes in and there is a circuit board that covers the whold area of the box. The connector outside the box is connected to this circuit board although I do not know how because I cannot see inside. There are two little prongs sticking through the circuit board that my hold the electrical connector or hold the circuit board but I did not want to proceed any further without wise council.
TIA, Frank C.
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it sound like it needs the wiper pulse module replaced check with your local parts store or dealer. the link below is to an aftermarket brand.
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I concur with Bejay. On my 97 s-10 I had the very same problem. I took it off once and cleaned the contacts. That worked for about 3 weeks and the problem returned. Once I replaced that module, it has worked great ever since. My module cost me $43, but I also got it at Napa in a fairly small town. So check around at your local parts dealers. That should do the trick.

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Wasn't there a recall on these by GM? Worth checking into.
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Try this.
How to repair GM intermittent wipers,before starting pull the wiper fuse or disconnect the battery.Disconnect the electrical plug from the motor,remove the screws holding module to the motor assembly.Remove the module from the motor assy,you may have to pry it loose with a flat blade screwdriver where it plugs into the motor.Now where the plug attaches to the circuit board there are 5 soldered pins,if you look with a magnifying glass you will see the cracked solder,I resolder all five pins.Use a large enough solder gun to get a good melt,I also add some fresh solder with some electrical flux.Reverse assy.

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