1996 Dodge 1500 Van won't start in hot weather


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Angry 1996 Dodge 1500 Van won't start in hot weather

1996 Dodge Ram Van with 360 v8, auto trans. If the van has been sitting in the sun and it is over 80 deg out and the front is slightly higher than the rear the engine will crank but not fire. If you push it so it is sitting level, it will start. Sometimes in slightly cooler weather it will start but it will act like it is dieseling (fuel starved). Once it has stopped doing that it will start right up. Never get any check engine lights, so do not know if it is sending any codes to teh computer or not. It had a new fuel pump put in by the dealer in Jan 2003. back then the symptoms were diferrent and the codes the computer was giving was just that something caused an undiagnosed misfire. He says he has never heard of the symptoms I have described. It also has an alarm system with the anti theft circuit, but that would not explain the dieseling. It seems to me that it must be the fuel pump again, but only in hot weather? It does not matter whether the tank is full or not. Once it starts, it runs like a dream. Just had a full tune up done. It did not help the situation. This is one of those fuel pump / filters in the gas tank systems. You have to drop the tank to get to the fuel pump. Am taking to the mechanic tomorrow but the weather is supposed to cool off and I do not know if it will do its thing for him or not. Any one ever hear of a vehicle doing this act?
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My van wouldn't start in cold weather but would on warm days a couple of springs ago. A guy I know had a problem with intermittent starting during the summer. In both cases it was the computer.
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could it be your coil pack, when they start to go they sometimes will be quite tempermental

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