HELP PLEASE!!!! Kia Locked up!


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Question HELP PLEASE!!!! Kia Locked up!

Someone PLEASE , PLEASE Help me!! I was backing up in my Kia Sportage putting my jetski into the water the other day when the brakes locked up...I could not go backwards. I have driven forward since UNTIL today..Now it will not go forward. My right rear well spins the left will not move!! Can anyone please help me and please tell me it is nothing major!!

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I venture to say your brakes are corroded in the back from going in the water too many times.Are you going into a lake or salt water?When you back up the ski your brakes are probbably under water.I had that problem with my pickup and when I had a boat.
You will have to remove the drums and clean up all hardware backing plates brake shoes etc.Then apply a small amount of high temp geresse to all moving parts.
Salt water is the worst if possible next time rinse brakes with a garden hose not a bad idea to rinse every part that touches the water like exaust etc.
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Thank you so much ! Is this something that an "average" person can do?
I just had new brake pads put on a few months ago they have to be replaced again?? The water is salt water and I should have known to rinse the rear of the truck afterwards. I have been seeing damage to rear wheel covers...spots of corrosion...and muffler "was" new looking and now looks rough...

Thanks Again
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not to bad

You can do it yourself do one side at a time so you can look at the other side if you get stuck.
No need for new pads just get a good wire brush and remove all the rust you can see.
Use the grease but not to much and keep it off the brake pad itself.(high temp).spray your adjuster with some penetrating oil also.
Just clean everything up so it moves easy.
Be safe use jackstands.
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Will do this tomorrow!! Thanks alot ! The bad part of this is I can't even say it was worth it because the Jetski has brken down everytime I have had it out this year! Will get back to you with results!!!
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Ok found the problem!! It WAS very rusty in brake area but the BIG problem was the brake shoes had busted!! I'm not sure why this happened but replaced brake shoes and all is well!!!
I was told to tighten the brakes I either need to go in reverse and apply emergency brake or sit still with brake all the way down (as far as it will go anyway ) and pull emergency brake 3 times hard...anyone know which works best?? There is a lot of play in the brake right now.....

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