1997 Mazda B4000 Head Gasket


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1997 Mazda B4000 Head Gasket

My 1997 Mazda B4000 has a leaky head gasket. The machanic seemed trustworthy as he was referred by coworkers from which he was getting even more business. I had a brake job and oil change. He said I had a lead in the head gasket. I did not ask anymore detailed questions on how he knew or how serious. He said off the top of his head that it would cost around $2000 for fix it. He recommended that I sell it, that it was not worth the repair. Other than that it is in great condition. Lower miles (75k), no body damage, great almost like new interior. I bought it new in 97. He put a couple of sealant pellets in the radiator and said it would last a little while. Gave me a couple more to use as needed.

What would a reputable repair shop charge to fix it?

I am an amatuer mechanic but have no real tools to speak of. I have handled most of my repairs (even replacing and engine once) until the last 8 years.

I don't feel right selling the vehicle knowing its current state.

Is it feasible/worth it for me to repair it myself?
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suggest getting a second opinion if all you had done was an oil change and brake job, there is a slight chance that it had coolant in the oil however the vehicle shouldnt even be driven if that was the case as it can cause alot more damage to the lower end of the engine.
after you are for sure that it has a leaking head gasket then you can get some estimates on repairing the vehicle.
I would expect repair to be alot less than 2000 if it is just a headgasket while most shops will have the heads machined flat and checked for cracks it could very well cost between 800 to 1200 range depending alot on the average labor rate in your area.
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Hows your BS alarm working? Id be learly, but On the other hand, he was upfront with you and suggested selling the car, which might indicate that he isnt looking to rip you off.

Id suggest giving him a call and asking him exactly whats wrong, and report back

Now, Im not trying to be rude or anything here, so Dont take this personally

Why did you have him do your brakes/oil, convenience or ability?

Like I said... dont take it personally. If dont know how to do your own brakes, I wouldnt recommend doing this yourself. It can get sort of complicated, ESPECIALLY in todays vehicles. You wouldnt believe what a PITA it is just to replace plugs in a 2001 sebring LXI. The intake runners have to come off just to access the back 3 plugs!


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