over flow battery

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over flow battery

Hi could anyone tell me I put a little to much water in my battery it over flowed and went into the cage that holds the battery and some got on a couple of hoses is there anything I can use to get the white stuff it formed or should I just don't worry about it and if there is anything I can use do I have to take the battery out or can I leave the battery in its holder any info would be great thanks
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Battery electrolyte is very corrosive. Flush away any of it that is outside the battery, then follow up with a neutralizing agent, such as baking soda. Even soap will help neutralize the area.
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baking soda

Get rid of that acid ASAP use baking Soda sprinkle it on the mess.and rinse with water.The acid will eat everything it touches.(dont get it on you )It would be best to take out the battery so you can get under it.
The Baking Soda will fizze that is a sign there is acid and it is doing its job.
also rinse the top of battery just make sure no baking soda gets in it.Clean cables while you have it out also.

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Pour a fresh can of coke on it. It has all of the soda needed to neutralize the acid.
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Coke is also somewhat acidic. Stick with baking soda and fresh water. Do NOT allow any of the baking soda to get into the battery.

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