Carbon on Dipstick and Oil Cap, is this a problem?


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Carbon on Dipstick and Oil Cap, is this a problem?


Just had my 2003 Hyundai Elantra (23,400 miles) in for an oil change "at the dealer", the service person said I had a bit of carbon deposit on the dipstick and oil cap and recommended I purchase an "oil addative"; am I being lead down the garden path so to speak? I'm not really sure if adding stuff to oil, gas, etc. is a good idea anyway. If he's telling the truth is this a serious problem I should look into with only 23,400 miles on the engine?


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It depends. What kind of oil maintenance has your car seen?... mileage intervals?... synthetic?

Just off the cuff, "carbon deposit on the dipstick" sound like a lot of palaver. If your engine was truly sludged, I think the service tech would have been more excited and serious about what he saw. Oil additives are never recommended. I'd say he was padding his work order.
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That's exactly what I thought.

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look for yourself

Take the cap off and check it out for yourself.What kind of oil are you using?I am not sure if it is Quaker State Pensoil I think Quakerstate uses a wax base.
I recall in the old days seeing cars with a what looked like a coating of wax on the valve train.
You might want to switch brands oil I use Castrol and it has served me well.

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