Propane conversion?


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Propane conversion?

Does any one know on what is involved wth a propane conversion on a fuel injected car or truck?I am sick of the oil companies ripping us off.I might want to switch my small pickup over it is a 2004 Tacoma it is pretty good on gas but I want to prostest all this gas scamming.
How much is propane per gallon?and will it void any warranties.I know that the engine will burn much cleaner so that is a plus.
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im sure by the time you factored in the cost of conversion which would probably be more costly on modern fuel injected vehicles versus an old carburated vehicle and the price of propane and federal and state tax added when used as a fuel source for a motor vehicle it would hardly be worth converting a vehicle over even with gas at 3.00 a gallon.
while propane is cleaner burning it produces less btu than gas so it isnt an even gallon to gallon swap so you will use slightly more propane than what you would gas to do the same amount of work.

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