94 chevy s-10 blazer-electric fuel pump in gas tank


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94 chevy s-10 blazer-electric fuel pump in gas tank

Trying to replace the fuel pump in gas tank, tank is half way down ,but cant get the fuel lines loose from the top of the tank,the two fitted gas lines nuts , wont break loose , we have tryed everything , all that is left is to heat them up LOL , PLEASE someone HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Get some penetrating oil and soak the hell out of the lines. Use a line wrench on the line nut and put another wrench or vise grips on the attatching line nut fitting. The nut should want to turn, but I have a feeling the steel line will want to turn with it-not good. I know what you are going through, as I have 2 Sonoma's and been there on both.
If the line on the fuel sender side is wanting to turn with the line nut, about all you can do is carfully work it until the line finally frees up from the line nut. On one of my trucks, I was able to save the line, but not on the other one. Unfortunatly, I had to break down and buy a new fuel sender for it. I went to an auto cooling supply store and picked up a new fuel sender fairly cheap, as compared to a new GM one from our parts department. But a few weeks later, the motor blew and I stuffed in a V8 and put in a fuel cell to replace the tank.
Anyways, good luck and don't get too impatient. Let us know how it goes.

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