96 Taurus Trans jerking between 1st & 2nd


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96 Taurus Trans jerking between 1st & 2nd

I just got a 1996 Ford taurus. it has an automatic transmission. the car jerks real bad between first and second gear. It seems to get worse as the car warms up. any clue as to what could cause this? am I looking at a major repair? Thanks for any help.
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Taurus's and Sables are notorious for premature tranny failures, some with as few as 40,000 miles. I would take it to a good transmission shop (as opposed to a general repair shop that also does trannies) for a look-see. It's possible that you have something fairly simple and relatively inexpensive, but don't be surprised if the verdict is a major tranny problem. Make sure they do a thorough check and don't condemn it as shot right off the bat. The average repair cost if the tranny is going south is betweeen $1200-1800 depending on your area and how bad it is. Installing a used tranny is not a good option.

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