Need help removing tire rubber from car door exterior


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Exclamation Need help removing tire rubber from car door exterior

There is tire rubber and a thin film of pait on my rear and front driver doors. I was parked at walmart and when i came out there where tire marks on my doors. I tried using tar and bug remover and that didnt work. I dont know what else to do some one please help. the car is a 2003 blue caviler.
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black marks

try a Mr.Clean magic eraser. we had black marks on our truck ( I think tar, but not sure) that would not come out. we finally tried a magic eraser and it worked like magic!
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Try "Goo-Gone" It takes rubber off, but I know know what it will do to paint.

Usually you can just rub rubber off with your finger though.

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If all else fails, see if you can find a clay bar. Clay Magic or Mother's work very well, while Meguiar's clay sucks.
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Griots Clay works pretty well... Im thinkin this is the same clay your takin about right?

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I remember using automotive tar & zap remover with good results
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Griot's is good, but you can't find it in Autozone, PepBoys, Advance, etc. It's like Zaino, good stuff but hard to come by.
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I know it sounds funny, but I also has some black tar on my truck. I tried so many different things with no results. Finally my friend told me to try, and here is the funny part, Tree Sap Remover. It worked like a charm, but don't rub too hard with that stuff, it will decolor your paint if you rub too hard. Good luck!
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Try high quality car solid wax. You have to keep robbing it to get it off slowly.

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