I have a 1994 saturn doc motor that wont start


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I have a 1994 saturn doc motor that wont start

I have a 1994 saturn that about 3 weeks after replacing the timing chain and guides started belching smoke bad. It appears to be oil burning as if the timing suddenly went out 180 degrees. No oil in the radiator or water in the oil. Car was still running when I parked it nose uphill on a slope. After a month or so I went to start it and the battery was flat. I charged the battery but when I open the door, a red light at the top of the dash lefthand drivers side starts blinking and a pinging noise takes place as if the flashers were on. (they are not) the key will not cause the starter to engage. The engine will turn by hand so its not frozen. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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found the problem

this car had an alarm installed, a disconnected wire when connected let off an ear splitting howl. Looking under the dash by the drivers door I found a small toggle switch that cut the alarm and allowed the car to start in its normal smoking fashion.

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