Problems with A/C Please Help


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Problems with A/C Please Help

ok i have several posts on here. I finally figured out how to replace my liquid line. However the next day my freon was out. In the past when i knew i had a leak. there would be a puddle of water under the area where the a/c hose is. This time there was no sign of leakage. I am guessing that maybe I didnt not put the new one on right. I am assuming that the freon evaporately slowing with all the heat in the car. today i had more tightening to do on the side that connects to the radiator maybe since is wasnt completely tight as it should have been then it probably came out there. on the other in i just pluged in the part with the round spring and the small rubberbands. I am not sure if i should of used the disconnect tool to reconnect it. I tried disconnecting it so that i knew the spring was in thier probably but couldnt. any ideas? or possiblities.
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it is normal for water to be on the ground after using the a/c this does not indicate a leak, the water is just condensation formed on the eveporator that drains out of the evaporator drain.
freon becomes a gas as soon as it leaks to the atmosphere it will leave nothing on the ground to indicate you have a leak unless it blew some of the oil in the a/c system out with the freon.
suggest you see a shop to have the system leak tested and repaired.

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