Radiator gurgling noise


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Radiator gurgling noise

My '98 Chrysler Sebring's radiator makes a gurgling noise after I drive for a while and then shut it off. When I look into the water reservoir, I see air bubbling into it. After the engine cools, I look into the radiator and the level is low even though the reservoir has water in it. What the heck?
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check for an air bleed screw at the engine usually on the thermostat housing the system may need bled to get the air out of the cooling system, if it is low and it isn't from recent repairs there is probably a leak somewhere that needs repaired and you may need to see a shop for a cooling system leak test.
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Try to look in the radiator when the engine is warm with the radiator cap off. Careful though, you'll probably want to warm up the engine with the cap off. If you try to take the cap off after it has warmed up you risk scalding yourself.

What you're looking for is bubbling in the radiator. If the coolant is bubbling it's a sign of a blown head gasket.

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