87 Honda Accord LX Carb issue?


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87 Honda Accord LX Carb issue?

I have an 87 Honda Accord LX. It was running fine, mostly. Occationally, on big hills it would act like it was out of gas and die if I didn't drop down gears and keep the rpms high. Then, last week, as I was driving to work, it did the same thing, but on a flat road. I pulled over and tried to restart. It started right back up and I tried getting going. I died again. I did that a couple time then it wouldn't start anymore. My brother thought it might be fuel filter so we changed those. I started the car and let it run in driveway for about 5-10 minutes. It seemed like everything was ok. Then I put it in gear and backed out of the drive way. The car gurgle again and die. I started it back up and as soon as I hit the gas it died again. So I'm lost. It doesn't seem to be the fuel pump, since if I let it sit for a while it will start and run fine. Is it something in the carb? Any thoughts? Thanks!
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Had simaler problem with my 91 Honda Accord. It would run great but once the car heated up it would die. Question is it only happening when the car is hot?
If so it could be a relay swith that is located in the car driver side left panel. What happens is once the car heats up the solder breaks inside and you loose the connection but once the car cools down it will start fine and run with no problems. Very simple to change or to fix your self.

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