How hard to replace O2 Sensor?


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How hard to replace O2 Sensor?

I have a 98 BMW 318i with a rough idle. I was wanting to replace the O2 sensor and see if that fixes the problem. I have checked out the Bosch replacement part and where it goes on the exhaust system but what's the procedure on replacing it. I don't want to get halfway into the job and realize something bad.

Thanks for anything help or links!
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Just curious.. but why do you think the O2 sensor(s) is/are bad?
I would probably try to do a diagnostic scan 1st to see what that reads. It may not be the O2's.
Bad idle could be related to vac leak, bad plugs and/or wires..something else maybe.
Whats the mileage on your '98? Check other possibilites 1st, imo. Might save you from changing something that isnt the problem.
Just my $.02 worth.
If you do change out the O2, try and get a direct fit one, with the wiring harness and connector in 1 piece. A lot easier than getting a 'universal' fit, where you'd have to do some wire splicing.
( ....if I can add this) ..coz I was looking for O2's as I did get a bad O2 sensor reading when I scanned my car.

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